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Why Choose DFS

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We treat every shipment with utmost care, picked up on time, delivered on time, delivered without exception and billed accurately with 100% customer satisfaction.

Toward that end, DFS Express Lines routinely measures all shipment activity and provides customers with access to information that is not only relevant to their specific shipment but benchmarks events unique to the shipper. Our customers also benefit from competitive analysis of their shipment with that of our other customers.

Every shipment at DFS Express Lines is tracked automatically by our proprietary, state-of-the-art computer system. with separate checkpoints, from origin to destination, ensure on-time pickup and delivery. Whether at the origin, on the rail, on the highway or at the destination dock, we know where your shipment is ... all the time.

We keep track—so you can keep on schedule.

Our Promise to you:

DFS Express Lines Ltd resolve to provide unmatched services based on our mission statement as per below tenets:

•Continuous flow of information with full transparency.
•Provide all facilities to your Organisation for inbound and outbound movements.
•Standby to all our commitments.
•Fast and committed transit times.
•Undelayed deconsolidation and on-forwarding of groupage/Lcl containers.
•Full sales support for all leads provided to our office.