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Core Values

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To deliver a standard of Service which exceeds our clients’ expectation every time.

To give back time to our clients allowing them to concentrate on their core activities.

To constantly strive to deliver a new way of reducing costs for the benefit of our clients.

To provide a working environment which allows our staff to have fulfillment and satisfaction within our organization and to have necessary training and motivation to deliver the above statement on-time every time.


DFS Express Lines is committed to providing whatever resources and funding are necessary to create an environment in which all our employees can contribute their ideas, skills, time and talent toward our never-ending process of improvement and innovation in all aspects of business and community.


DFS Express Lines prides itself in offering prompt, high-quality customer service that’s centered on dedicated resources for each and every customer. It begins at the sales level and serves to link business, operations and quality assurance support in a team effort featuring enhanced internal and external communications between the customer, team members and service providers.